Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Opinion Poll of CNN-IBN and Dawn.

This refers to the joint Indo-Pak poll held by CNN-IBN and Dawn in which 87% of kashmiris voiced for complete independence as ideal solution to this dispute. This should serve as an eye opener for the so called leaders who claim to lead this suppressed and oppressed nation. They claim to give voice to the aspirations of people, they claim to be the true representatives of suffering masses, they claim to espouse the cause of right of self determination. But in reality they are heading this nation towards disarray, quandary and quagmire. One faction pleads for four point formula of Pak Prez, which is nothing but an attempt to make Loc permanent and another faction looks at the dispute wearing the glasses of protecting and propagating Pakistan’s interests first and calls independence of own nation as ‘Lesser Evil’. Kashmiris don’t have confidence in mainstream parties because they have sold their consciousness before there masters in Delhi. If these leaders claiming to be heirs of martyrs continue to put dust in the eyes of people then they will be pushed to the wall and the fourth generation will take reins of movement and will take this dispute towards its logical conclusion