Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Let us Be Proud Kashmiris.

Entire Kashmir has been under siege and on other side not a single day passes when we don’t hear the news that Kashmiri truck drivers have been attacked by unruly mobs on highway and government is busy feeding us lies that hundreds of trucks have went and left Kashmir. The economic blockade of Kashmir by fanatic groups of Jammu, if seen in wider perspective is not result of cancellation of land transfer to SASB but this seems a well knotted conspiracy by higher ups in Delhi to spread regional hatred to pay way for separation of 2.5 districts of Jammu. The thinking behind this is to permanently settle sharnathees who came here after the partition of India from various parts of Pakistan and block the return of lakhs of muslims of Jammu region who were made to fled in 1947 and occupy their property which is declared as evacuees property. In Jammu about 5 lakh muslims were massacred and mainly on 4, 5 and 6th November 1947 and more than 5 lakh were pushed across leaving their property behind. According to Malthusian law, population gets doubled after every 25 years and according to it these muslims would be more than 20 lakh till now. There is fear among fanatic groups that if they returned tomorrow to their native land the composition of Jammu will revert to its real form and they won’t be even able to take away these 2.5 districts of Jammu region.

The call of coordination committee that people should raise slogan of “Hum kya chaetai haqe khud iradiyat” though based on facts but it seems that leadership is fallen short of ideas. ‘Hum kya chaetai Azadi’ or we want freedom naturally reverberates from the core of heart and it is this slogan which we want to make it hear loud and clear to the world. Instead of inventing new methods of protest leadership is taking away good things from movement. Still after this call protests at lal chowk by students and Para medics and at massive rally at eidgah only Azadi slogan rented the air. When the PDP launched so called peace march few years ago and appealed participants to say “Hum kya chaetai amanu aeshiti” only Azadi slogan reverberated and PDP had to eat humble pie.

At this time when international community and media is taking interest and keeping track of developments here we have to be very cautious and careful and protect and prevent this revolution from going off the track. There is no need of identifying this mass movement with Pakistan. We have seen how revolution of early 90’s got lost due to this and we got nothing in return. More ever this won’t help us at international level and by this we are making this dispute between India and Pakistan only.
It is understood that ultimately this dispute has to be solved through tripartite talks and on negotiation table neither India can take away whole Kashmir nor Pakistan can take it away. And Kashmiris won’t accept any solution reached only between these two which negates their aspirations. So best solution is that both countries cease claim on their respective parts of Kashmir and allow it to get united and emerge as an Independent nation. It is deplorable that Pakistan’s current strategy is that we keep giving sacrifices and it will be our blood that will get spilled on mountains, river-lets, forests, streets and in every nook and corner and in the end it will take it as gift. On other side of our Kashmir in govt functions they display banners written “Kashmir will become Pakistan”. If they are really practical about this we will write this slogan with our blood we have no problem with this, but for that there in only one option that is all over war with India. Is Pakistan ready for that? What preparations our “base camp Azad Kashmir” has made for this? Where are their tanks and fighter planes? They were having their own army, there was no need of merging it with Pakistan army and increase burden on them. Our so called Mujahide Awal thinks it is not Jihad it is ‘fassad’ here and back home sings old song of Jugular vein. So stop blackmailing us in the name of “base camp” and don’t fool and emotionalize our youth for what is not practable and viable.
Some quarters argue that demanding Independent Kashmir amounts to Nationalism which is against Islam. Nationalism is against Islam and it means subjugating other nations, robbing its resources and blind following of ones own nation. Kashmir was Independent nation and its history is 5000 years old it lost its independence at the hands of Mughals on 1585 A.D and since then only oppressors have been changing. India and Pakistan are exploiting our natural resources (especially water resources) to the benefit of their own and raising dams on our soil using our resources for electricity and other purposes and leaving us in lurch. Aren’t they actually following nationalism? It is our right to fight against occupying forces for the independence of our motherland and that is Patriotism, a good deed in Islam. Even Shahi-Hamdan (A.R) endorsed our independence. Further more the great warriors of Chechnya; Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan are also committing “sin” of demanding independence of their motherland.
The total area of Jammu Kashmir is about 84000 sq miles which is more than individual 93 independent countries and has population more than that of 125 independent countries of the world. We have so much of economic potential if used in better way we will be even able to give aid to other countries. Kashmir has tremendous water resource by which we will be able to generate hydro-electricity on large scale which can be exported to our neighbouring countries, alone through this we can become rich state. Kashmir is world famous tourist spot with fascinating and breathtaking natural beauty which can attract thousands of elite tourists who can spend thousands and lakhs and we will be able to earn billions of foreign exchange. Natural herbs are found in abundance in Kashmir and we can use them to make hundreds of medicines and it can prove big source of income. There is tons of waste wood in the forests of Kashmir which is not used and their quantity is increasing, this can be tapped and taken out to make paper for printing and for other uses we can setup hundreds of paper factories here. Fruit, timber, minerals and handicrafts of Kashmir are famous all over the world and can prove big asset for our economy. There are thousands of doctors, engineers and other professionals on both sides of C.F.L working in different countries and earning tens of billions in foreign exchange. Within short period of time we will be great economic powerful country than rest of our neighbours.
People of Kashmir have shown in different international polls that overwhelming majority is with Independent Kashmir. And to the satisfaction of India and Pakistan we say let kashmiris decide themselves their fate whether they want to remain Independent or accede to India or with Pakistan. It can act as buffer state between India and Pakistan only if better sense prevails over both countries.