Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Positive Thinking Indeed

This refers to the statement of J.I chief that “elections have no effect on the future status of Kashmir.” This is a positive sign and good change of thinking. Elections in no way can be proved as substitute to plebiscite nor do the so called elected representatives have any legal authority to change the status of J & K. It has been laid down in 1957 UN Security Council resolution that the “Administration of Jammu and Kashmir can not take any decision which may change the status of territory of Jammu and Kashmir.” Its powers are restricted only up to developmental works and has no power more than that of Municipal Corporation.
The anti election campaign by pro-freedom leadership calling for boycotting elections as only way to remember mission and martyrs gets boomeranged effect as it is virtual approval of Indian view point that this vote is not only for choosing candidate but for her also. Despite overwhelming boycott by people India still manages to show long queues of people waiting for their turn to cast vote through its biased print and electronic media and sells this to outside world by its strong propaganda mill.
Pro-freedom leadership should evolve new methodology and strategy rather than usual calls of boycott, which people will even without their appeal as happened in October 2002 assembly elections when hurriyat was accused of running passive anti election campaign still 79% of people boycotted elections, they should make people and world aware of the fact that elections cannot be alternative to right of self determination as JK assembly can’t decide their future and even Indian parliament can’t take decisions on our behalf as stated by Pandit Nehru in Indian parliament. And even if they pass resolutions declaring J&K ‘integral part’ of India 100 times it has still garbage value and hence cannot be construed as vote for India.
Kashmiri leaders should woke up from deep slumber and give this movement new vigour and impetus and should take cue from independence of South Ossetia from Georgia last year and of Kosovo from Serbia 17th of feb this year.