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In 1 week, over dozen youth sustain pellet injuries in Kaimoh

In 1 week, over dozen youth sustain pellet injuries in Kaimoh

Boy loses vision in one eye|Have asked police not to use pellets, says Minister|Use of pellets 'sometimes necessary': SP Kulgam|'Pellet guns banned in Srinagar'

Khalid Gul
Kulgam, Publish Date: Aug 27 2015 10:48PM | Updated Date: Aug 27 2015 10:48PM
In 1 week, over dozen youth sustain pellet injuries in KaimohFile Photo

A youth has lost his eyesight partially while over a dozen others have sustained injuries in a week in south Kashmir's Kaimoh tehsil with 'indiscriminate' use of pellet guns, officials and witnesses said, raising a question mark over the ruling Peoples Democratic Party's repeated assertion that it was against use of such weapons on demonstrators. Kaimoh area in South Kashmir saw massive clashes and protests recently against arrest of youths, particularly in nocturnal raids, there.

A doctor at Sub-District Hospital Kaimoh said they recently received many people who had pellet injuries on their face and body.

"We received nine cases last week (on Friday). Among them, two were seriously injured and referred to District Hospital Kulgam for advanced treatment," said Block Medical Officer Kaimoh, Dr Shakeel Majeed.

He said among the two youth referred to DH Kulgam, one had an eye injury while the other had "multiple body injuries."

On Monday, a doctor said, the SDH again received five pellet injury cases and two of them were shifted to District Hospital Kulgam for further treatment.

"They had multiple injuries all over their body," the doctor said. "On Tuesday, we again received 12 cases of pellet injuries. One among them was shifted to District Hospital Anantnag given the nature of the injuries."

Sources in Anantnag district hospital said the youth had "critical" pellet injury and was shifted to SMHS hospital in Srinagar for advanced treatment.

A doctor in SMHS hospital said the youth has "lost vision in one eye."

"The youth had a perforating eye injury, inflicting severe trauma to his eye ball and the visual prognosis seemed to be very bad," said Dr Sajad Khanday, Senior Consultant, Ophthalmology at SMHS hospital.

He said the chances that the youth's vision in the affected eye will recover are "bleak."

"The pellets had pierced through his left eye and the injury was penetrating," said Dr Khanday.

The injured youth, identified as Muhammad Asif of Hawoora Khudwani (aged 18) is doing graduation in science.

According to the youth's family, he was not part of the protests.

"He had gone to Anantnag (Islamabad) town on Tuesday to bring some medicine and was caught in the clashes between protesters and forces," said Asif's cousin.

He said the forces fired multiple pellets at him "directly."

Asif, according to villagers, is eldest among six siblings. His father is a farmer.

"The family is living in abject poverty," they said.

15-year Navid—a class 10 student from Redwani village in Kaimoh—has also suffered multiple pellet injuries all over his body. Naved, who is recuperating at DH Anantnag, had multiple bruises all over his body.

"On Friday I was riding a motorcycle and going to deliver lunch to my grandfather who is admitted in District Hospital Anantnag when the forces fired pellets towards me," he said.

Another 10th class student—Danish Ahmad Parray son of Abdul Rehman of Gufbal, Kaimoh—was also hit by multiple pellets all over his body on Monday and is recuperating in the hospital.

"Manzoor Ahmad, a youth from Khudwani, is also recuperating after being hit by pellets in his eye," a doctor at DH Anantnag said.

Many youth, who have sustained pellet injuries, refused to divulge their identities before this reporter "for fear of police reprisals."

A youth from Arampora, who was rushed by locals to District Hospital Anantnag, has received grievous injuries all over his face and body due to pellets, doctors said.

"The forces make use of pellet guns and pepper gas frequently in our area to quell pro-freedom and anti-India demonstrations," said residents of Khudwani.

"Many youth who sustain pellet injuries usually don't turn up for treatment as they are hounded by security agencies later," said a doctor in SMHS hospital. "Even if they turn up in OPDs, they apprehend that policemen in civvies will follow them."


Inspector General of Police Kashmir, Syed Javid Mujtaba Gillani said he wasn't aware of use of pellets in Khudwani.

"It is true that the area has been witnessing lot of violence of late but I don't think so many people will have pellets injuries. But still I will look into it," he told Greater Kashmir.

Senior Peoples Democratic Party leader and Minister for Education, Naeem Akhtar said: "We have made it clear to police to avoid use of pellet guns while dealing with protesters."

He said he will again take up the issue with senior police officials.

Superintendent of Police, Kulgam, Mumtaz Ahmad however said, "The use of pellets becomes necessary when youth resort to violence."

He claimed that "we are lately witnessing certain miscreants in Kaimoh-Khudwani resorting to stone pelting, blocking busy Kulgam-Kaimoh-Anantnag road and damaging government property."

Pertinently, massive protests have been rocking Kaimoh area for the past few days against "harassment and arrest" of youth by cops of Special Operations Group.


According to police sources, use of pellet guns have been "strictly banned in Srinagar on directions of IGP Kashmir" while "similar instructions are being passed to police officers in other districts as well."

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hunger strike in Islamabad against beef ban in Kashmir

Hunger strike in Islamabad against beef ban in Kashmir

Islamabad: A hunger Strike was organised by Jammu Kashmir Ummat e i islami at Eid Gah Islamabad to protest the beef ban and to invite the attention of world rights organizations towards the situation arising out of it.

The hunger strike was organized under the leadership of Mirwaiz South Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir. Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that Some Hindu hard-liners insist the idea of eating beef was introduced by Muslim invaders, despite references to its consumption in ancient texts written more than a millennium before the time of Muhammad Salalaho Alyyhi Wassallam. By eradicating this "alien" practice, they hope to return the country to values they hold dear as Hindus. However at the same time, these hardliner extremists simultaneously beat the drums of Secularism.

The ban on beef is a direct interference in the Freedom of choice which the Indian state claims to accommodate at least in theory. India should shun its dual policy and hypocrisy. Nobody should decide what I am going to have as my food unless I do not force others to have the same. He said that Indian democracy that claims the largest even snatches our Freedom of choice from us which is a testimony to the fact that democracy only exists in theory. He said that the Indian state is hell bent upon disturbing the peaceful environment of the state. It wants us to be divided on communal lines; however such techniques have failed in the past and shall fail till they try it. "India has perhaps forgotten that 1985, Our Chairman, Dr. Qazi Nissar defied their barbarism.

India should not forget that the Jammu Kashmir has the maximum populace of Muslims, who never demanded a ban on Pork. The ground situation should be kept in view and the very basic law should be scrapped. The recent rebellion should be a testimony to the mood in Kashmir. If the state is so rigid in not accommodating the opinions of all the stakeholders, then ultimate chaos would lead to anarchy and alienation. If a state behaves rigidly and dictates, it is my way or the highway, then the voices of dissent will also have to behave the same manner.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that the people of Kashmir should give befitting reply to the decisive agenda, We should all offer bovine sacrifices collectively in Eid Gahs.

Addressing the gathering here, Prominent lawyer Advocate Syed Mujeib said "The law makers should be ashamed that they still continues to uphold the British laws whilst they claim to have attained complete Swaraj from the Britishers. He said that the Indian State should repeal the laws otherwise shun calling themselves as a Secularist Nation. The Lawyers of Kashmir shall resist against it in every possible manner".

Bar Association President Fayaz Ahmed Sodagar said that Kashmiris will never accept such laws intended at disturbing the communal balance of the state. "We will fight against such laws collectively" he said.

Ghulam Nabi Shah Of Traders Association said that No power on the earth can change the Allah's permissible into non permissible. "i on the behalf of thousands of Shopkeepers in Islamabad assure full support to Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir" he said.

Eminent Scholar Mir Muntazir Gul said that the Hindutva forces want to alienate people from the religion and this is an attack on our economy. He said that on one side India promotes the sale of Wine and on the other they ban beef.

Ghulam Nabi Ganai a beef seller said that in Islamabad alone more than 2000 families earn their livelihood by selling beef. "They are trying to snatch my bread from me and for stopping the same, i will resist" He said.

Mohammed Ashraf Misger Traders Association, Engineer Farooq Ahmed Mir of Democratic Freedom Party, Mohammed Iqbal Mir of Mahaz e Azadi, Shabir Abdullah of Anantnag Chemists and Druggists Association, Waheed Khan of Anantnag Duppata Sellers Association, Ghulam Nabi Wagay, Bilal Ahmed Mir, Dr. Nissar, Dr. imtiyaz, Younis Kotwal, Fayaz Rizvi, Moulana Mudasir Sidiqi, Moulana Gulzar Madani, Abdul Rashid Qadri, moulana Mohammed Shafi, Moulana Shahnawaz Ghazaali and other members of Trade besides commoners and members of Ummat I Islami, were present in Hunger strike against beef ban at Islamabad.Many young boys also participated in the hunger strike.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ummat e Islami members had defied the court orders on Friday by sacrificing a bovine in Islamabad after Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir had been arrested.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Mirwaiz south Kashmir, Qazi yasir released after protests

Mirwaiz south Kashmir, Qazi yasir released after protests

People marched towards Sadder Police station at 8 15 pm demanding the release of Mirwaiz South kashmir. The protesters sat outside the gate of Police station. After a gap of 25 Minutes, Mirwaiz South kashmir Qazi Ahmed Yasir was released and welcomed by people amidst Pro Freedom slogans. He had been arrested on Thursday after he had announced that he will sacrifice a cow to defy the High Court Ban on sacrificing bovines.

People marched to Martyrs graveyard where mirwaiz Qazi Yasir offered Fateh Khwani to martyrs and paid tributes to Irshad Ganie who was martyred today in an encounter with Army at Kakpora.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Ummat I Islami members defy the HC order by slaughtering two cows

Dr. Qazi Nissar's History repeated, Ummat I Islami members defy the HC order by slaughtering two cows at Lal chowk and Reshi Bazaar (Islamabad in south Kashmir) announced by its chief, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir before he was arrested. Islamabad is on boil. Protestors gathered at Lal Chowk, Reshi Bazar, Dangarpora, Mattan Chowk, Cheeni Chowk and heavy stone pelting has started at many places.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Would not allow anti-Islamic agenda of RSS to get implemented: Zaffer

Would not allow anti-Islamic agenda of RSS to get implemented: Zaffer

Slaughters bovine in Srinagar, says RSS ruling is Jammu and Kashmir

<img src="{imagepath}/screen-shot-2015-09-11-at-08-35-10.png" alt="screen-shot-2015-09-11-at-08-35-10.png" border="0" width="600" height="290" />

Srinagar: Senior Pro-freedom leader and Chairman Salvation Movement Zaffer Akbar Bhat today slaughtered bovine in Srinagar and said that Kashmiris will resist every anti-Islamic and anti-freedom movement policy/agenda of India's communal forces-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party.

In an issued press statement here, Zaffer Akbar Bhat who was put under house detention yesterday, this morning slaughtered a bovine at his residence in Srinagar against the Court directive banning sale and consumption of beef.

Zaffer Akbar Bhat said that the court order is direct interference into religious matters and unacceptable to Muslims of the state. "Jammu and Kashmir is a Muslim majority state and we will not anyone to interfere into our religious matters," he said.

Zaffer said that the Kashmiris will frustrate with unity the anti-movement designs of extremist Hindu organizations, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party.

"Banning the beef or anything that is made Halal by Allah that too in a Muslim majority land is an unacceptable and open interference in our religion; we condemn it and want to make clear that we will never allow such orders implemented," he said.

Zaffer asked India to stop playing such tact's as it would prove counterproductive for them. "Since RSS and BJP came to power in Jammu and Kashmir will the help of Indian puppet Mufti Mohmmad Syeed, Kashmiris are being harassed. Policies and agenda for changing the demography of the state are being implemented unsuccessfully. Religious sentiments are being hurt by extremist policies like beef ban but with the will of almighty so far as Kashmiri resisted all such moves and stand united to resist them in future as well," he said.

He blamed mainstream political parties particularly Mufti Mohmmad Syeed responsible for the situation and said that naïve Kashmiris will never pardon these Indian puppets for the crimes they committed. Zaffer said that 80% population of the state are eating beef and among the majority is associated with beef sale business.

He urged butchers to continue their business without any fear and said that if the authorities tried to enforce the ban and strong movement will be launched. He announced appeal people to protest after Friday prayers and observe Kashmir Band on Saturday the court directive.

Meanwhile Zaffar akber paid glowing tributes to martyrs of Laribal Handwara.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

“Kashmir will be Liberated through Jihad by the Pakistan Army”

"Kashmir will be Liberated through Jihad by the Pakistan Army"


Islamabad (PR): Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah of Pakistan held demonstrations across Pakistan to convey a message for Defence Day regarding the liberation of Kashmir. Participants held banners and placards declaring, "Kashmir will be Liberated through Jihad by the Pakistan Army, Not By Dialogue Nor UN Resolutions" and "Criminal Silence Over Indian Aggression Is Treachery Against Pakistan, Muslims and Islam".

Since the independence of Pakistan, traitors in the political and military leadership have been playing with the emotions of the Muslims of Kashmir and Pakistan, repeatedly pinning their hopes on the resolutions of the United Nations. The Muslims of Kashmir and Pakistan have come to the conclusion that Kashmir and Indian aggression issue can never be solved by the United Nations resolutions, nor through the mediation of the "international community." The United Nations and the "international community." led by America can never be friends of Muslims because they are open enemies of Islam, Rasool Allah (saaw) and the Muslims. The so-called international institutions are in fact tools of colonialist powers and they use them to secure their interests in the international arena, even if this leads to the killing of hundreds of thousands of people, or usurping of the rights of other nations.

The message of the Defence Day of Pakistan is that the issue of Kashmir and Indian aggression can be addressed comprehensively, if the Pakistan Army and the Muslims place their trust in Allah (swt) and respond in a manner which India understands, as they did fifty years back, in 1965, when they heroically struck their enemy with all their might, even though the Muslims were heavily outnumbered.

Hizb ut-Tahrir makes it clear to Pakistan's armed forces and the Ummah that the real power of Muslims lies in their Deen (Islam), and whenever Muslims have made their Deen as a source of power, Allah swt granted magnificent victories, despite the greater numbers of their enemies. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the sincere officers in the Pakistan Army, who have pledged to defend their Deen and land, to uproot the traitors within the political and military leadership that are burdens on the neck of the Ummah and establish the Khilafah in Pakistan, by providing Nussrah to Hizb ut-Tahrir. Only then will we have a state based on Allah's Deen. Only then will our armed forces mobilize in Jihad for the liberation of Kashmir, ending Indian aggression, with the help of Allah (swt). And beyond His help, no other help matters.

Friday, 4 September 2015

From ‪#‎Syria‬ humanitarian crisis to ongoing ‪#‎Kashmir‬ conflict. Dead bodies of toddler & minor need World attention.

Date: 4 Sep 2015

Minor dies after shell goes' off: Protests rock against Indian Army

From Syria humanitarian crisis to ongoing Kashmir conflict. Dead bodies of Aylan, the 3 year toddler and Junaid, the 11 year minor needs World attention to deal with the crisis and conflict.

Baramulla: People staged a massive protest against the Indian Army and blocked Sopore-Baramulla road near Ladoora after a shell claimed the life of a 11 year old boy in the Ladoora.

Ladoora Rafiabad area of North Kashmir's Baramulla district had witnessed a fierce encounter between Government Forces and militant that had ended with the death of a Army man and a militant.

Eyewitnesses told CNS that Junaid Ahmed Dar son of Nisar Ahmed, a resident of Ladoora died on spot after an unexploded shell with which he was playing on the roof top of his house went off suddenly. " Junaid was a student of Darul Uloom Zadoora, not far away from his native village Ladoora. A day after encounter on Thursday he came to see his family and most probably found a littered shell at the encounter site. He took the shell to his home and started playing with it on the roof top of his house, where it went off. The explosion created panic in the area. It not only resulted into the death of minor but also damaged a portion of the house," Eyewitnesses said.

Soon after the incident, thousands of people from Ladoora and its adjacent areas staged a massive protest and amid anti-government and anti-Army slogans blocked Ladoora-Baramulla road for hours. The protesters alleged that Army don't bother to sanitize the encounter sites from unexploded shell, thus putting the lives of innocent people at risk. "The government forces instead of clearing the encounter sites from shells and live grenades always pose before mobile cameras along with the slain militants. We directly hold Army responsible for the death of this minor boy," the protesters said.

A Defence spokesperson NN Joshi told CNS that after every encounter Army sanitize the whole area. "We have to investigate the matter to ascertain the facts," he said.

The unexploded shells have claimed several lives all across Jammu and Kashmir in past. In May 2014, a minor girl Simran Reyaz was killed while her brother lost her leg when an unexploded shell went off in Drang village near Tosamaidan Budgam. Two scrap dealers Abdul Salam Tantray and Muhammad Yousuf Malik killed were also killed in 2009 in Shinglipora village in Budgam district in the same kind of incident and again in the 2010 twelve year old Tufail Ahmad, 12, died on spot when an explosive device bursts at MohallaChandyal in Sangoit area of Mendhar Poonch. In the same year, a minor Iftikar Ahmed died and his brother ShaukatHussain sustained injuries while fiddling with a live grenade at a firing range in Berda village in Mendhar tehsil of Poonch. (CNS)

Last month, two minor brothers Bilal Ahmed Reshi and Shakir Ahmad Reshi died after an unexploded shell went off at hillock near Sainik School Mansbal in district Ganderbal. (CNS)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Governor McAuliffe Kicks Off Pakistan Independence Day Festival in Washington, DC.

Governor McAuliffe Kicks Off Pakistan Independence Day Festival in Washington, DC.
September 1, 2015. We are proud of the achievements of the Pakistani Americans not only in Virginia but also in the United States. Pakistani culture is a beautiful culture, said Hon. Terri McAuliffe, Governor of the State of Virginia who was the Chief Guest to kick off Pakistani Independence day Festival at Fairfax, Virginia which was attended by several thousand people.
"The celebration of the 69th anniversary of Pakistan independence is truly joyous and auspicious occasion. We should be proud of the prestige of our native land and reaffirm our conviction to make it stronger, democratic and more prosperous. We celebrated the first Pakistan Independence Day at Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC on August 14, 1987. There was no place more appropriate to hold independence day celebrations than the memorial of Abraham Lincoln, emancipator and quintessential American hero," said Zahid Hameedi, the Chief Organizer of the festival who is also a veteran journalist and prominent leader of the Pakistani American community.
Mr. Hameedi added that the Pakistani people are honored to hold their Independence Day celebrations in the country, where constitutional democracy was born over two centuries ago. America in 1776 held high its arms and lit the lamp of republican democracy. That beam of light has brightened the entire world with its promise of hope and human dignity. We are a peace and freedom-loving nation. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the American people in a fraternity of freedom lovers, in pursuit of peace and love all over the world.
Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary General, World Kashmir Awareness while addressing the mammoth gathering emphasized that "We must build support for the active involvement of the United States to help resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the aspiration of the people. There is no way that the world powers can deal with the tensions between India and Pakistan without simultaneously addressing the underlying cause of these tensions – that is Kashmir. With India and Pakistan both being nuclear-weapon states directly confronting each other, this dispute is potentially the most dangerous in the world. It should, therefore, be a major interest of the U.S. to prevent this dispute from exploding into a conflict which can be catastrophic for a large proportion of the human race."
Dr. Fai appealed to the friends of Kashmir to mount an awareness campaign in support of self-determination in Kashmir and remind the Obama Administration the implications for its strategy of conflict in a region of South Asia and of the delicate relationship that need to be safeguarded from violent disruption. We need to enlist the support of the United States to persuade India and Pakistan to include Kashmiri leadership in any future dialogue that will lead to the lasting and durable settlement of the Kashmir dispute.
Addressing this animated audience, Mowahid Hussain Shah -- attorney-at-law, author, and former Punjab Cabinet Minister – pointed out that the Islamic connection with the United States is deep-rooted. He emphasized that, as early as 1765, Thomas Jefferson possessed a copy of the Holy Quran. And 250 years later, Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota – the first Muslim elected to the Congress – took an oath of office on this very copy of the Holy Quran, which Thomas Jefferson kept at his home in Monticello, Virginia. Mowahid stated that Pakistan is essentially a gift of the extraordinary leadership of the Quaid-e-Azam, who combined the virtues of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.
Mowahid particularly urged the Pakistani American youth to step up their role and bring honor to their Pakistani heritage by assuming their rightful positions in the policymaking professions of the United States. Mowahid maintained that, to gain respect in mainstream America, you have got to have self-respect. In this connection, he concluded by citing the splendid example of boxing champion Muhammad Ali who is now acclaimed as the sporting icon of the 20th century.