Tuesday, 23 August 2011

US intervention in Libya

As the NATO backed rebels continue their surge towards Libyan capital Tripoli, with reports of Gaddafi’s sons been arrested by rebels, US and UK seemed jubilant and called it “end of road for Gaddafi”. Nevertheless Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi seemed defiant in his audio messages calling upon Libyans to protect the integrity of their nation.

Whether Gaddafi is acceptable to the people of Libya or not should have been left to Libyans to decide but it is ironic that US led NATO is trying to enforce the regime change through instigating polarization and Balkanization of Libyan society. Already NATO air strikes have reduced many places to rubble their and killed hundreds of people. 

Yet under the guise of protecting civilians in Libya US and its allies are working on their covert plan of installing puppet regime as world is made to believe as if their air strikes are “peaceful bombing’ meant only to disperse not to kill. There is no fair coverage of damages caused due to NATO air strikes which few months back killed Gaddafi’s youngest son and three of his grandsons besides many others.

Gaddafi is quite right that if rebels backed by US and its allies take over Tripoli Libya will descend to imperial powers once again. Where ever NATO made military intervention those places have found themselves in the mesh of mess and violence. World is witnessing events in Iraq where US went under the façade of liberating Iraqis from Saddam Hussein and Weapons of Mass destruction and deadly violence in Afghanistan which is again a result of US military intervention.

These places were better-off before the US led NATO intervention than what they are presently finding themselves in. After coming to power in Libya Col. Gaddafi made many economic, political and social reforms mainly in education and health sector and Libya was fast moving towards prosperity in all respects. But owing to its bullying attitude and in pursuit of maintaining its hegemony US continues to muzzle every defiance in its way of unilateralism and overlordship.

Whether Gaddafi remains in power or not, oppressed, victimized and vituperated people of Kashmir will always remember him as hero of proletariat and a great leader who empathized with Kashmir cause at international forums.