Sunday, 24 January 2010

Broken Promises

Published in Kashmir Watch
The increase in human rights violations despite the promise of zero tolerance by none other than Indian Prime Minister himself and step up in militant activities across the valley clearly indicates the failure of ‘peace process’ to produce any concrete result of whose effect would have been felt on ground and would have provided some relief to the victimized and assuaged the bruises of people of Kashmir. This ‘Peace process’ which both India and Pakistan had claimed to be irreversible now has got stalled by one or other reason mainly due to the belligerence and obduracy of India as it continues to be in denial mode and always takes shelter in employing time gaining tactics mainly when it comes to the core dispute of Kashmir.

The recent peace conference in New Delhi and many other such conferences have more or less advocated for phased withdrawal of troops from Jammu and Kashmir and revocation of draconian legislations, which are the main source of human rights violation as they provide unbridled powers to troops and provides them total impunity from any sort of accountability, in Kashmir as valid suggestions for making atmosphere conducive for any meaningful and result oriented talks to happen and succeed.

Indian leadership, which continues to harp on the rhetoric of Mumbai attacks to find an exit route from any meaningful discourse on Kashmir dispute and eventually to put the blame of failure on its neighbor’s shoulders, should take cue from Pakistan as despite facing tremendous problems at their home in shape of cruel and continuous bombings which have taken heavy toll of precious lives there (of which they claim to be even have documented proof of India’s involvement) are still sticking and calling for stalled ‘peace process’ to be resumed rather than pointing fingers at India as they fully know that such exercises are tantamount to be playing on the nefarious designs of terrorists who want to scuttle any such move which will usher an era of peace, prosperity and security in South Asia.

Indian policy makers should kept in mind that Kashmiri nation has never accepted slavery nor they will in future, this nation has given innumerable sacrifices for the sake of complete independence and has continued the heroic resistance which is alive and kicking right from 1585 A.D. The anger and resentment of people over the hackneyed policies of India on Kashmir can anytime snowball into full blown revolution much stronger than witnessed in 2008 which will shake the foundations of imperialistic vampires as the fourth generation of Kashmir’s is fully committed towards the sacred goal of Independent and Sovereign Kashmir and are abreast with the technological know how.

How grotesque it is on the part of India which claims to be world’s largest democracy to renege and backtrack on its own promise of plebiscite so brazenly and then lay claim for permanent membership of UNSC of whose resolution its is continuously violating. If time is the criteria for things to become outdated then so called accession, if any it has happened, has become outdated even more than U.N resolutions calling for unfettered right of self determination to allow Kashmiris to decide their fate freely. Even according to so called instrument of accession which India harps on mentions it to be conditional and temporary, subjected to reference to the will of people for its ratification. So India is bound by both ways to honour its commitment of holding plebiscite to ascertain the wishes of Kashmiri people.

Instead of creating suspicion and dissention among Kashmiri leadership by drumbeating about so called quiet talks to defer the solution of Kashmir dispute which means sowing the seeds of future unrest with colossal dimensions India should shun its outdated policy of subjective rhetoric and polemics and should display sagacity, prudence and magnanimity and a strong will to address the Kashmir dispute as continued logjam will jeopardize the strategic interests of both India and Pakistan. India should initiate meaningful steps to remove deep mistrust in the hearts and minds of Kashmiris which she has creating by her wrong policies and should held tripartite talks involving Pakistan. The sane and seasoned leadership of Kashmir will be there to help both India and Pakistan to come out of this vortex and quagmire honorably.