Friday, 29 October 2010

AJK Tourism

At AJK Tourism, we believe that no matter how beautiful and interesting one's surroundings, one can enjoy the holiday experience only if at ease, relaxed & knowledgeable the arrangements have been made. We endeavor that once our guest share laughs with us will come back again and again.
AJK Tourism has dedicated professionals and explorers to provide quality oriented services to adventure seekers and cultural enthusiasts. Besides routines trip our emphasis has always been on genuine exploration of new and untouched areas for nature lovers from the four corners of the world. Our team members are natives of Northern Areas of Pakistan; Skardu, Hunza, Gilgit, Astore, Chilas, Ishkoman, Yasin and Chitral with a vast experience in their profession. It would not be out of place to mention that we have been the front runners in rescue operations in the high mountains of the area.
AJK Tourism has successfully undertaken many expeditions, scientific explorations, cultural tours, special study tours, and rescue missions, Air/Heli charters, not only in Pakistan but also in China, Tibet, Nepal, and Central Asian States.
You are very welcome to explore and enjoy the spectacular and fascinating landscape of our beautiful country which is well known for hospitality. Our specialized division, Silk Route Caravans looks after exclusively cultural and historical tours, jeep safaris and desert/camel safaris etc.


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Thursday, 28 October 2010




                                         Photo By : Athar Hanif Malik

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

friendship ball (cute!!!!!!!!!)‏

Today I pass the friendship ball to you for an UNBROKEN



Always try to help a friend in need

Believe in yourself

Be brave...but it's ok to be afraid sometimes

Study hard

Give lots of kisses

Laugh often

Don't be overly concerned with your weight, it's just a number

Always try to see the glass half full

Meet new people, even if they look different to you

Remain calm, even when it seems hopeless

Take lots of naps..

Be weird whenever you have the chance

Love your friends, no matter who they are

Don't waste food



Take an occasional risk

Try to have a little fun each day.'s important

Work together as a team

Share a joke with friends

Fall in love with someone..

...and say 'I love you' often

Express yourself creatively

Be conscious of your appearance

Always be up for surprises

Love someone with all of your heart

Share with friends

Watch your step

It will get better

There is always someone who loves you more than you know

Exercise to keep fit

Live up to your name

Seize the Moment

Hold on to good friends; they are few and far between

Indulge in the things you truly love

Cherish every Sunday

At the end of the day... PRAY

....... and close your eyes

And smile at least once a day!