Sunday, 11 July 2010

War on streets of Kash

 Published in Daily Rising kashmir

Like weather in Kashmir, situation too seems unpredictable in Kashmir. It may be raining heavily followed by hot sun breeze and then roaring of air gushing in. Though weather has gained some what semblance of stability from past few days situation continues to be erratic, uncertain and whimsical.

Like the pack of cards one by one youth fall to iron from the barrel of gun. Anger churns out it is “war” on streets but of defenseless and powerful. Protests seethe in bringing uneasy calm of military jackboots. Curfewed people, curfewed streets, curfewed air, caging humans to their nests, perhaps sparrows and cuckoos too silent presenting ghostly silence, vicious turn of Sopore and Islamabad after Srinagar with rest writhing in pang and pain.

With gloomy faces and crossed hands starring and gazing at flashing pictures it is foreign secretaries of Indo-Pak shaking hands and smiling faces besides home ministers as well, discussing agony of Kashmiris; no way. Then what; covering their political hotchpotches and hodgepodges leaving the issue of core to gore.

Kashmir a cause celebre and simmering cauldron then how come devoid of mediating diligence, perhaps a result of our helmers disarrayed political wisdom guided by ego and materialistic lust. Tumult and confusion, division and disseverance compounding the destiny to make it look blur. 

What can be the result when sybarites and sycophants are left to govern the nation, a sorrow tale and woeful vale, making of our own, bedamn for our own, our navigators ceased to see the warning leaving us to grieve at the hands of pirates and collaborators of Delhi durbar with pawned and smudged consciousness, you can’t ask for benevolence from these who extract their pound of flesh from the bruised nation.

Time to play the innings with purpose and reason with courage and determination without wimpishness and weakness to regain the lost ground not only to outsmart the opposition but to defeat him on his own turf. A complete proclivity towards the sacred sentiment with devotion and sincerity then we say hail to the martyrs!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Insensitive Government

Human rights violations at the hands of those whom we are made to believe are for our own security of life, honour and property is not a new phenomenon in Kashmir. The Indian Prime Ministers promise of zero tolerance towards human rights violations hadn’t created any hope of change in ground situation in the hearts and minds of common people in Kashmir as the cruel experience of the past happenings has taught them how the gory crimes committed by men in uniform have been defended on the altar of national interests.

A new vicious and sinister design seems to be in place with youth the prime target of it. Countless innocent youth were killed mostly with tear gas canisters fired at above the chest heights with clear purpose to kill and not to disperse. As if gruesome killings of Inayat, Wamiq, Zahid, Zubair, Tanveer and others was not enough with a span of week three more youth, Tufail, Rafiq, Javed, were cruelly snatched by the followers of “Holy book” AFSPA, which allows them to kill innocents at will with total impunity.

Chief Minster’s yelling and shouting that ‘Kashmiris blood is not cheap’ seems apparently true, it is fetching money, medals, promotions and what not to merchants of blood and death. They have made best out of it from Ganderbal to Machil, from Uri to Srinagar, from hilltops to lanes and by-lanes of Kashmir. Every Kashmiri’s blood is a prized possession for them for which they need to be mangled like a maniac, a manifesto of duty unto their (Kashmiris) death.

A common Kashmiri finds himself oublietted; it is ironical that a government claiming to got elected by him behaving in such an insensitive, callous and cavalier way totally disconnected from the masses and lost in its phantasm world. When whole of Kashmir is seething and simmering with anger against the killings of youth government is busy in picnics in Gulmargh and entertainment of musical evenings.

Instead of reining troops and forces for their excesses government is coming with utopian utterances. For them Shopian a case of drowning, Wamiq a miscreant, Tufail’s a mystery death, it has failed in discharging its constitutional duty of protecting life, honour and property of its people. How shameful on its part to label a natural reaction against human rights violations ‘suicidal’ stopping short of admitting stifling and muzzling a norm for government to silence and crush the voice of dissent by iron fist.

It is high time for government to mend the fences before situation slips out of its hands and it will get doomed under the debris of its own grave mistakes.  Hurriyat leadership too needs to shun its egocentric stands and should formulate joint strategy to save the future of Kashmir from getting annihilated if they are really serious to pull Kashmir back from chaos, quandary and quagmire unless time will turn them irrelevant if they refuse to shun their differences for larger interests of people of Kashmir.