Monday, 18 August 2008

Totally Fair

The government decision of allotting 800 kanals of forest land to SASB has totally backfired. There seemed a nefarious motive in allotting land to this board. As yatra was going on from more than 100 years and till it was under the control of kp’s and people of Kashmir it was running smoothly. This board, which is totally alien, it consists only two kp’s and governor who is from outside is its head and his secretary who hails from outside runs affairs of board. The local mahants were performing religious obligations from centuries during yatra, when they opposed the construction of road and extension of yatra period because the shivlingam remains not for more than one month and creating artificial shivlingam and increasing its period by refrigeration is tantamount to play with spiritual and religious sentiments of Hindus as it goes against their scriptures, they were elbowed out which smells something fishy and shows their malafide intentions. Therefore people of Kashmir were totally right in demanding revocation of this land transfer. Besides this Kashmiris want kp’s to take control of yatra. Kashmiris don’t need lessons from anyone on communal harmony as they have maintained it in most trying and tough conditions.
The Jammu agitation which is headed by saffron brigade and tacitly supported by congress, establishment and other pseudo secularists and pseudo intellectuals have exposed themselves. In this regard criticism of Balraj Puri by Firdous Syed (G.K. columnist) is totally fair and justified. When the communal bigots and chauvinists in Jammu were lynching, brutalising and battering Muslims, destroying their properties, attacking their religious places, serving them ultimatum of quitting Jammu or be ready to face dire consequences and strangling life-line of Kashmir it is strange that Mr.Puri instead of playing his role in helping to safeguard life and property of muslims and ending blockade was giving sermons to muslims of poonch and rajouri, who were facing wrath, mayhem and carnage at the hands of agitators, to help the conducting of yatra of Booda Amarnath and maintaining communal harmony. It would have been better had he served these sermons to the barbaric and ruffianistic agitating hooligans.
Mr.Puri tries to justify himself and cover the misdeeds of saffron brigade by saying that it was after his efforts that state unit of BJP condemned any attack on Muslims. But has this condemnation made any difference in their attitude? Economic blockade is still going on, as truck drivers fear for their life to ply trucks on highway as they were and are being attacked by mobs with petrol bombs. Many drivers were burned and they aren’t believing that they are alive. Astonishingly Mr.Puri behaves as spokesperson of govt and army declaring on their behalf that blockade ha failed. By snapping Kashmir’s traditional and historic links our state has been deliberately made dependent on outside. Otherwise we have tremendous economic potential. Electricity generated in our state is supplied to outside and we are left with meagre royalties. How can industries flourish here without electricity? On every front Kashmir is facing discrimination. We must appreciate Reshmi Segal when she says that if Indians want to boycott Kashmiri products they must boycott electricity generated from Kashmir as well. Mr.Puri blockade is not act of few it is well planned conspiracy hatched by higher echelons of power and different intelligence agencies and implemented by those spearheading agitation in Jammu. Sangarsh samiti had publicly declared its plan of blockade of Kashmir and is well evident from RSS mouth piece in which it is mentioned that “As Hindus refused to take it lying down, causalities are increasing even as Jammu-Pathankot highway is blocked to make the protests punitive for Srinagar fruit sellers”.
During Indian struggle of independence massacre of jallen-walla bagh took place, but here right from 1947 countless massacres have took place in which thousands of innocent people lost their life. How many Indian leaders were targetly killed by British troops? In contrast to what India is doing here British troops followed some sort of decency. Here number of eminent personalities, leaders and activists were assassinated and brutally tortured to death.
The martyrdom of Sheikh Aziz and other Kashmiris has infused new vigour and passion among people. The ruthlessness shown by forces and police on protestors in which 38 people were martyred in just 5 days has amply demonstrated on people of Kashmir that there lies no future for them with India. Regional pro-India parties who are collaborators of New Delhi in their every heinous crime have been rejected and subjected to disgrace even in Jammu. They were kept hostage at airport for hours and on sangarsh samiti protest were made to sit outside on Aug 9. They were already never accepted by people of Kashmir. Now only way for them is either to quit and kick away this election politics and join pro-freedom ranks with full sincerity which will be their salvation from the sins and crimes they committed on their own nation neither people will never forgive them. Narrow minded communal frenzy and followers of Indian Modi’ism have provided enough ammunition to our resistance movement for its survival and success