Thursday, 10 September 2015

Would not allow anti-Islamic agenda of RSS to get implemented: Zaffer

Would not allow anti-Islamic agenda of RSS to get implemented: Zaffer

Slaughters bovine in Srinagar, says RSS ruling is Jammu and Kashmir

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Srinagar: Senior Pro-freedom leader and Chairman Salvation Movement Zaffer Akbar Bhat today slaughtered bovine in Srinagar and said that Kashmiris will resist every anti-Islamic and anti-freedom movement policy/agenda of India's communal forces-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party.

In an issued press statement here, Zaffer Akbar Bhat who was put under house detention yesterday, this morning slaughtered a bovine at his residence in Srinagar against the Court directive banning sale and consumption of beef.

Zaffer Akbar Bhat said that the court order is direct interference into religious matters and unacceptable to Muslims of the state. "Jammu and Kashmir is a Muslim majority state and we will not anyone to interfere into our religious matters," he said.

Zaffer said that the Kashmiris will frustrate with unity the anti-movement designs of extremist Hindu organizations, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party.

"Banning the beef or anything that is made Halal by Allah that too in a Muslim majority land is an unacceptable and open interference in our religion; we condemn it and want to make clear that we will never allow such orders implemented," he said.

Zaffer asked India to stop playing such tact's as it would prove counterproductive for them. "Since RSS and BJP came to power in Jammu and Kashmir will the help of Indian puppet Mufti Mohmmad Syeed, Kashmiris are being harassed. Policies and agenda for changing the demography of the state are being implemented unsuccessfully. Religious sentiments are being hurt by extremist policies like beef ban but with the will of almighty so far as Kashmiri resisted all such moves and stand united to resist them in future as well," he said.

He blamed mainstream political parties particularly Mufti Mohmmad Syeed responsible for the situation and said that naïve Kashmiris will never pardon these Indian puppets for the crimes they committed. Zaffer said that 80% population of the state are eating beef and among the majority is associated with beef sale business.

He urged butchers to continue their business without any fear and said that if the authorities tried to enforce the ban and strong movement will be launched. He announced appeal people to protest after Friday prayers and observe Kashmir Band on Saturday the court directive.

Meanwhile Zaffar akber paid glowing tributes to martyrs of Laribal Handwara.