Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hunger strike in Islamabad against beef ban in Kashmir

Hunger strike in Islamabad against beef ban in Kashmir

Islamabad: A hunger Strike was organised by Jammu Kashmir Ummat e i islami at Eid Gah Islamabad to protest the beef ban and to invite the attention of world rights organizations towards the situation arising out of it.

The hunger strike was organized under the leadership of Mirwaiz South Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir. Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that Some Hindu hard-liners insist the idea of eating beef was introduced by Muslim invaders, despite references to its consumption in ancient texts written more than a millennium before the time of Muhammad Salalaho Alyyhi Wassallam. By eradicating this "alien" practice, they hope to return the country to values they hold dear as Hindus. However at the same time, these hardliner extremists simultaneously beat the drums of Secularism.

The ban on beef is a direct interference in the Freedom of choice which the Indian state claims to accommodate at least in theory. India should shun its dual policy and hypocrisy. Nobody should decide what I am going to have as my food unless I do not force others to have the same. He said that Indian democracy that claims the largest even snatches our Freedom of choice from us which is a testimony to the fact that democracy only exists in theory. He said that the Indian state is hell bent upon disturbing the peaceful environment of the state. It wants us to be divided on communal lines; however such techniques have failed in the past and shall fail till they try it. "India has perhaps forgotten that 1985, Our Chairman, Dr. Qazi Nissar defied their barbarism.

India should not forget that the Jammu Kashmir has the maximum populace of Muslims, who never demanded a ban on Pork. The ground situation should be kept in view and the very basic law should be scrapped. The recent rebellion should be a testimony to the mood in Kashmir. If the state is so rigid in not accommodating the opinions of all the stakeholders, then ultimate chaos would lead to anarchy and alienation. If a state behaves rigidly and dictates, it is my way or the highway, then the voices of dissent will also have to behave the same manner.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that the people of Kashmir should give befitting reply to the decisive agenda, We should all offer bovine sacrifices collectively in Eid Gahs.

Addressing the gathering here, Prominent lawyer Advocate Syed Mujeib said "The law makers should be ashamed that they still continues to uphold the British laws whilst they claim to have attained complete Swaraj from the Britishers. He said that the Indian State should repeal the laws otherwise shun calling themselves as a Secularist Nation. The Lawyers of Kashmir shall resist against it in every possible manner".

Bar Association President Fayaz Ahmed Sodagar said that Kashmiris will never accept such laws intended at disturbing the communal balance of the state. "We will fight against such laws collectively" he said.

Ghulam Nabi Shah Of Traders Association said that No power on the earth can change the Allah's permissible into non permissible. "i on the behalf of thousands of Shopkeepers in Islamabad assure full support to Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir" he said.

Eminent Scholar Mir Muntazir Gul said that the Hindutva forces want to alienate people from the religion and this is an attack on our economy. He said that on one side India promotes the sale of Wine and on the other they ban beef.

Ghulam Nabi Ganai a beef seller said that in Islamabad alone more than 2000 families earn their livelihood by selling beef. "They are trying to snatch my bread from me and for stopping the same, i will resist" He said.

Mohammed Ashraf Misger Traders Association, Engineer Farooq Ahmed Mir of Democratic Freedom Party, Mohammed Iqbal Mir of Mahaz e Azadi, Shabir Abdullah of Anantnag Chemists and Druggists Association, Waheed Khan of Anantnag Duppata Sellers Association, Ghulam Nabi Wagay, Bilal Ahmed Mir, Dr. Nissar, Dr. imtiyaz, Younis Kotwal, Fayaz Rizvi, Moulana Mudasir Sidiqi, Moulana Gulzar Madani, Abdul Rashid Qadri, moulana Mohammed Shafi, Moulana Shahnawaz Ghazaali and other members of Trade besides commoners and members of Ummat I Islami, were present in Hunger strike against beef ban at Islamabad.Many young boys also participated in the hunger strike.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ummat e Islami members had defied the court orders on Friday by sacrificing a bovine in Islamabad after Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir had been arrested.