Thursday, 1 October 2009

Pot calling the kettle black

The statement of Indian Prime Minister ManMohan Singh at the plenary session of G-20 summit at Pittsburg in which he accused the Pakistan of using “terror” as State policy against India has come at a time when India faced diplomatic embarrassment by some world leaders calling for end to Kashmir conflict owing to its inherit potential to destabilize the whole equation in South Asia according to the national aspirations of Kashmiris at many international forums and at UNGA 64th session recently and at a time when foreign ministers of both countries were about to meet.

It is the talk of resolution of Kashmir dispute that pinches the body politic of India as despite promising self-determination to Kashmiris before whole world she backtracked and through sheer military muscle is holding it against the wishes of its local populace and against her tall ‘ideals’ of peace and justice which stand strangulated, pawned and mortgaged by herself.

The rhetoric by Indian P.M at G-20 summit is a desperate attempt by India to camouflage the real dispute of Kashmir under the bogey of cross border terrorism and facilitate commotion to escape from focusing on real issues and in the end to put blame on Pakistan’s shoulders for the failure of dialogue to yield any positive outcome. As since 1947 India has been concentrating on conflict management rather than on conflict resolution to consolidate its hold over Kashmir.

Due to the lingering of Kashmir dispute the peace, prosperity, progress and welfare of one and half billion people of South Asia is in peril mainly due to jingoism and belligerence of India but she can not afford to remain away from addressing this vexed dispute amicably for ever as it will threaten its national integrity, neither valiant people of Kashmir who have invested their every thing be that blood, honor, property for the independence and sovereignty of Kashmir will allow this. Here, we as traumatized, victimized, bruised and enslaved people of Kashmir cannot but express our gratitude to Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi and Pakistan’s foreign office spokesman Abdul Basit for lending moral support to the cause of independent Kashmir.