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Sheikh Aziz: Man with a mission

The calmness which Sheikh Aziz had on his face while he received bullets was the calmness of his fulfillment of the promise he had made before his nation to fight till the last drop of his blood

Death is inevitable and every one has to taste it one or other day. But who live and fight for a cause are remembered even after they depart. Particularly those who gave their precious life while striving to take their nation out from the shackles of slavery and for the freedom of their motherland, they are glorified, eulogized and remembered as martyrs. They live in the hearts and minds of their fellow nation men and become a source of inspiration for their people and for those around the world who strive for their birth right of freedom. Kashmir’s history is full of such son’s of soil who stood firm with courage, dedication and commitment and laid their life for the sacred cause of independence of this occupied nation, Sheikh Aziz is one such bright star among the galaxy of martyrs.

Sheikh Aziz got emotionally attached with the liberation movement of Kashmir when he was just 20 years old, and started with as a student leader and worked with many students and youth organizations to pursue the cause to which he was completely wedded to. And in 80’s discharged his duty as leader of Peoples League in Pulwama. As and when nation and situation demanded he fulfilled his responsibility amicably joined the armed struggle in 90’s in a bid to highlight the Kashmir cause globally and to show the world that Kashmiris are not cowards but people who want to live with self respect and dignity and as free people in the comity of nations.

In 1998 he was taken as APHC executive member and there on carried forward his struggle for the unfettered and globally recognized right of self determination on political front. And had to face tremendous difficulties and obstacles and hardships in this path and had to spend almost 16 years of his life in different prisons and interrogation centers but he faced them all with great compassion and resilience. And always lead from the front.

In August 2008 the communal frenzy chauvinists who had gathered from all over India in Jammu enforced economic blockade of Kashmir to punish the Kashmiris who had successfully protested en-mass against the transfer of land to SASB (Shri Amarnath Shrine Board) as it was part of evil design to change the demography of Kashmir to perpetuate the status-quo. This had alarmed the followers of Indian Modii’sm to which they resorted to cruel blockade with the tactic support of Government and Intelligence agencies. It was once again Sheikh Aziz who lead the sea of people towards the Muzaffarabad on the call of coordination committee for Muzaffrabad march, in a move to smash away the bloody line that separates the Kashmiris forcibly, fully knowing the dangers on the path he was treading when others preferred to sit at their safe dens.

Thus he once again proved his unflinching commitment towards the liberation struggle of Kashmir while leading the lakhs of people peacefully towards the Muzaffarabad to trample the C.F.L under foot but that proved too unbearable to occupational and imperialistic powers who showered bullets which pierced his chest and other valiant protestors martyring nine people including Sheikh Aziz on spot besides wounding hundreds of others at Chayal Boniyar on 11th August 2008.

The calmness which Sheikh Aziz had on his face while he received bullets was the calmness of his fulfillment of the promise he had made before his nation to fight till the last drop of his blood, calmness of that he lived and is sacrificing his life for his motherland, calmness of that he was about to achieve victory through martyrdom.

The martyrdom of Sheikh Aziz and other 70 people who were martyred ruthlessly during last years agitation has infused new vigor and passion among people. The blood of martyred leader has ignited the revolution in the hearts and minds of Kashmiris which will slowly and steadily spell doom for the oppressors and pave way for the dawn of freedom of Kashmir. Kashmiris are destined to achieve their birth right as they have shown indomitable courage and steadfastness from more than four centuries and sacrificed lakhs of its son’s for achieving this target with Sheikh Aziz one of the leading lights who taught an undying lesson to his oppressed nation through his martyrdom. May Almighty accept the martyrdom of Sheikh Aziz and bless his soul with his choicest blessings, as in the words of a poet Sheikh Aziz emulated the same:

Zameen pyasi thi Lahoo pyila diya
Mujh par watan ka karz tha Jo mein ney chuka diya

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