Monday, 9 February 2009

Welcome Move

Now leaders of Indian Muslims have decided to form a political party at national level though late but better than never. This is a welcome move by the Muslim leaders of India it should be appreciated as a positive and an assertive step taken by them. The announcement of forming a political party of Indian Muslims at national level came in a press conference by Maulana Baduruddin Ajmal, who heads the Assam United Democratic Front, earlier few days ago newly formed Ulema Council also decided to field two candidates for two seats of Azamgarh Sadar and Lal Ganj to espouse the cause of Indian Muslims at national level.
While its need was felt among the 180 million Muslims living in India since a very long time but it should be a united well coordinated effort rather than striking individually and separately for this cause of upliftment of Muslims across India . Indian Muslims used to and are relying on the so called secular parties for the fulfillment of their needs and in return they get nothing from them and these parties treat them just as their vote bank only and use lip service and verbal jugglery to please them and did nothing substantial work for them on ground so far. The condition of Muslims is pathetic and as stated by Sachar Committee report that in various places of India the condition of Muslims is even worse than of Dalits ( considered to be of ‘low caste’ and untouchables by some Hindus). There representation as per the above report is almost negligible in all sectors and clearly lack representation, their share in govt employment is 4.9% against the population of 14% and in many states it is exactly zero. They are way behind in every sphere of life.
Rather than relying on others Indian Muslims will have to take the burden of their grievances and problems themselves and address them on their own as rightly stated by Maulana Ajmal “we heavily depended on secular parties to work for our socio-economic and political empowerment. This is not possible we have to solve our problems on our own”.
Another problem faced by the Indian Muslims are that they have been made scapegoats in the name of national security rather vilified as was seen recently when many youth almost all Muslims were arrested on ‘charges of involvement in bomb blasts’ from the remote and most backward district of Azamgarh in U.P. They are being selectively targeted for any wrong that happens in India . They are treated as second class citizens with no trust on them in their own country, among India ’s Security Agencies (namely, CRPF, CISF, BSF, SSB etc.) Muslim representation is 3.2 per cent only. Those who lynched, mauled and mutilated them by instigating anti-Muslim riots in which thousands of Muslims were butchered mercilessly find themselves in higher echelons of power rather than facing the law of land and escape any accountability with total impunity. The followers of Damodar Savarkar have gained much ground in ‘secular’ India by inducing fear among Muslims and inviting Hindutva doctrine.
Ironically the so called secular parties of India have always played pawns in the nefarious game plans of saffron forces, they in real sense act as team ‘B’ of these Hindutva brigades in their every heinous act. Muslims of India look scattered at present with no direction and their future looks uncertain in this dark atmosphere amid this the decision of these Muslim leaders to form political party at national level to focus for upliftment of Muslims from the backwardness and removing the stigma attached with them is a welcome move and a right step in right direction.