Monday, 9 February 2009

Arrogance and double standards

The savagery of Israel is before whole world, the naked dance of death and destruction, mutilated bodies, scenes of injured persons and the rubble of buildings scattered all over Gaza. Her blood thirsty belly consumed more than 1300 innocents without any mercy. Though the announcement of ‘ceasefire’ has come with it withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza but the peace in the region looks uncertain yet as borders of Palestine are under total siege by Israel. Israel once again showed her crude and arrogant face throwing every law and morality to winds with U.S at its back. Used white phosphorus bombs which burns quite fiercely and other unethical weapons on hapless people of Palestine. Bombarded U.N head quarter in Gaza at a time when U.N general secretary Ban-Ki-Moon was in the region for ‘peace initiatives’ Had this act been taken from other side the reaction obviously would have been different, whole world would have not only joined heads in the condemnation but for sanctions as well.

Although India used some measured words in the condemnation of Israeli attacks on Palestine but still it has no moral ground to condemn it as it enjoys close relations and proximity with Israel. Both learn from each others suppressive tactics which they employ in their respective occupied parts. Recently chief of Israeli ground forces Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrahi visited Kashmir in helping Indian forces in their counter insurgency operations in Kashmir to crush the armed rebellion here. Both are alliance partners in perpetuating State terror and oppression on the people who demand their birth right of freedom and statehood.

Meanwhile the heat and dust created by India in the aftermath of Mumbai attacks refuse to die down as India has threatened to snap its ties with Pakistan and according to reports India is keeping its ‘powder dry’ till SAARC foreign ministers meet at Colombo in what India says ‘to line world’s solidarity after Mumbai attacks at its doorstep and to build collective pressure on Islamabad to dismantle terror infrastructure’. While the hot pursuit adopted by Congress is understandable as it wants to reap on the charged atmosphere to its election benefit as elections are few months away exactly what BJP did after Kargil war but so called Indian peace activists have also toed the government line. The former U.N under secretary general Shashi Tharoor in his article in times of India titled “Keep up the pressure” says “The threat of sanctions (by UN) would be even more potent if they specifically targeted the Pakistani military, including travel bans and other military assistance…Pakistan must not be allowed to believe that with the passage of time, Mumbai will have been forgotten and Islamabad will be off the hook”.

Sensing the loosing of ground to Congress the BJP has upped the ante by raising the issue of Afzal Guroo once again to checkmate the congress. Many insiders of Congress believe that by hanging the Afzal Guroo congress will atleast finish one issue with BJP, without visualizing the repercussions and consequences it will have in valley and on the newly coalition of NC-Congress. India finds itself in the whirlpool of duplicity and double standards and this was echoed by former Home Minister Shivraj Patil as well while speaking to the media men he had said “people are saying don’t hang an Indian in Pakistan, Sarbijit, and then are demanding hanging of Afzal Guroo”. Remember how A.R.Antulay had to resign, simply for demanding investigation in the killing of ATS Mhahrasthra Chief in the wake of Mumbai attacks, which smells something fishy in the Indian camp.

Though due to Mumbai attacks the fragile peace process has received a jolt mainly due to jingoism and belligerence of India and the over reaction showed by India over the David Miliband’s statements shows her denial mood and rigidity but and core dispute of Kashmir can’t be put on back burner forever as its nature wouldn’t allow her to do so. This main dispute of Kashmir if kept lingering will escalate the tension in the region so it is better for India’s own Security and progress to shun obduracy and intransigence and come to negation table without closed chest. Both countries (India and Pakistan) being Nuclear armed can’t afford war therefore best for them and for entire south Asia would be the restoration of national sovereignty to the Kashmir which will usher an era of long-lasting peace, security and progress of entire South Asia.