Thursday, 18 December 2008

Leadership People and Strategy

This refers to the interview of many senior pro-freedom leaders. One thing was common in them after reading their viewpoint that is they all believed that we don’t have a sound and workable strategy which is necessary for any success.But they are senior most leaders and part and parcel of any decisions taken. If they think we don’t have any strategy why don’t they apply mind and formulate any workable strategy. Why can’t coordination committee have a think tank behind them which can formulate plans and action needed and our leadership will implement that accordingly.

No body can deny the role of meaningful talks in the context of resolution of dispute it is understood that ultimately this dispute has to be solved through tripartite talks but on the negotiation table neither India can take away whole Kashmir nor Pakistan. And Kashmiris won’t accept any solution reached at only between these two, which negates their national aspirations. So the only way out is complete independent Kashmir having good relations with all of its neighbors.

Though in the first three phases of elections there was good voter turn out although mixed with ant-election protests but people didn’t voted against their basic right of freedom. Just few months ago our leadership was so pessimistic that they were almost thinking of retreat. And over-buyed with this thinking of no repercussion “mainstream” leaders putted our land on sale. Then what followed was totally unexpected for “mainstream” leadership. People in millions came on streets and showed what was brewing in their heart and mind and totally rejected this set of leadership because they have sold their consciousness and honour of nation before their masters sitting at New Delhi and regarding future of Kashmir neither they have any role nor do people trust them in this regard. Our pro-freedom leadership should rethink on this as how long it would be wise to push people to these opportunists, they should come up with new strategy.

During polls it was reported that at many places “mainstream” parties took advantage of economic condition of people by distributing blankets and other things in lieu of votes. We should develop a mechanism were this sort of exploitation should be checked. During land transfer and economic blockade about 70 people gave their blood and our leaders paid only lip service rather than doing something needy to their families. An old woman hajira, who sacrificed her 4 sons to the ongoing movement and whose husband died of multiple organ failure is left unattended in city hospital here. We have no mechanism here to reach to the victims and kith and kin of our martyrs, which otherwise is our moral and national duty.