Thursday, 18 December 2008

Blaming Pakistan

After the Mumbai attacks which were shocking and heinous in which innocent people got killed, India has unfortunately traditionally chosen to put blame on Pakistan in jiffy when even encounter was still going on at many places in Mumbai without any proper investigation and Indian media without wasting any opportunity added fuel to fire by their senseless reporting. Many questions have been raised from different quarters about this attack ranging from how the attackers easily managed to cross sea barrier to enter into such high profile areas with such heavy arms and ammunition and about the killing of Hemant karkare (ATS chief) who died due to the bullets which hitted his chest when he was wearing a bullet proof jacket.

The investigation of Late ATS chief and his colleagues who were also killed in this attack had unveiled the brutal truth of India’s home grown saffron terror activities, which embarrassed many high ups and big wigs but still India blamed Pakistan and its agencies for carrying this deadly attacks and manoeurved US support in mounting pressure on Pakistan by flexing diplomatic muscles quite efficiently. Government of Pakistan offered India help in investigation even though Indian stance was hawkish and according to Pakistan India is not sharing concrete evidence which she claims it has about the attackers.

According to USA report Indian intelligence agency RAW is creating trouble in Afghanistan by funding and supporting terrorists to keep the pot boiling there so that Pakistan remains busy in bloody conflicts along its Afghan border. India termed Mumbai attacks as part of Global terrorism concerning international community while calling Pakistan as “epicenter of terrorism”. Even though number of attacks in which civilians, army personnel and foreigners got killed took place on its soil and recently famous Marriott hotel was blasted killing many including some foreigners but still Pakistan has refrained from such blame games as it serves no purpose other than making things worse. Pakistan is not any banana republican and this has been correctly stated by Arundati Roy that this attack is not India’s 9/11 because neither Pakistan is Afghanistan nor India is America.

Indian request for banning JUD was accepted by security council even though it had done a commendable job in rehabilitation works in the wake of oct, 2005 earth quake in Azad Kashmir. But groups like VHP, RSS and others are left Scott free who are responsible for bomb blasts, massacre of minorities in India like witnessed in Gujarat and Orissa. Overbuyed by this L.K.Advani called upon U.S to accept P.A.K as integral part of India but it is a bitter truth and needs no explanation that Kashmir is not integral part of any country rather internationally recognized disputed territory having about 18 resolutions pending before U.N Security Council favoring Kashmiris birth and inalienable right of self determination to which India and Pakistan are signatories and world witness to them. Obviously the conspirators of Mumbai attacks are those who never want that India and Pakistan should come close to each other rather be at logger heads so that disputes which serve their vested interests can never be resolved. The best outcome of Mumbai attack as Abdullah Hussain Haroon (Pakistan’s U.N permanent representative) putted would be the resolution of Kashmir dispute and a befitting reply to these conspirators. But it would be possible only if better sense prevails over Indian leadership.