Monday, 16 June 2008

Speaking Against Freedom of Pen.

This refers to the news ‘Azad wields sword at anti-govt pen’. What he actually means by this? Does he wants that pen should be made subservient to the govt? And true soldiers of pen should sold their consciousness, strangle their genuine ideas, thoughts and vision for better tomorrow of Kashmir, be part of propagating govt’s false propaganda of peace and development, Should take people as dumb driven cattle so they can be herded to the chief ministers make believe world of ‘Khushaal Kashmir’.
Of what development C.M is talking about? Our state has much water potential but still we are reeling under power crises becoz all the power goes to outside state on the pretext of being centrally funded projects. Due to Indus water treaty our state has suffered loss of more than 55000 corers. How can industries flourish here without electricity? Un-employment is on rise so is price of essential commodities. C.M feels proud of construction of roads, but what about Mughal road project? This is yet to be completed even after 4 decades. For every thing our state has been deliberately made dependent on outside support. We will definitely prosper when we will achieve independence becoz we have so much of natural resources, when exploited in better way we will be even able to give aid to other countries.
Who has made atmosphere of Kashmir insecure? It is the presence of 7 lakh troops by which kashmiris aren’t felling secure in their own land, kashmiris aren’t secure even in any part of India where they falsely implicated in different cases, killed in fake encounters and labelled as ‘terrorists’. Why C.M is silent on inhuman treatment meted to kashmiris in various jails especially in Tihar jail where condition of kashmiri detainees is worse than of Abu gharib and Guantanamo bay and on recent discovery of 940 nameless graves. Indian troops empowered by draconian laws are committing serious war crimes and are indulging in gross human rights violations. If C.M is so confident that only one percent of people are with pro-freedom politics then he should ask his masters in Delhi to fulfil their promise of plebiscite in Kashmir. This speaking against freedom of pen suits dictators not someone who claims to be elected representative.