Thursday, 19 June 2008

Nefarious Design.

This refers to the government decision of granting 800 kanals of forest land to the SASB, which is getting emboldened day by day, and defying every sane voice, logic and making law to bend as and when it suits it. As rightly mentioned by our intellectuals this land transfer besides bringing disaster to our already fragile ecology, as they have constructed lavatories, huts and helipads as well and are in mood of extending duration of yatra and number of pilgrims, has hidden agenda of changing states demography on the pattern of what Israel did in Palestine.
The statement of chief executive officer of SASB Dr Arun kumar, undermining and making fun of state legislature and denying land transfer being temporary smacks of their intentions. What is interesting to see are the tricks being played by ‘mainstream parties’, while forest minister Qazi Afzal showed ignorance on the construction of helipads on forest land and even formed a team to ascertain the truth is now justifying this land transfer. PDP which is trying to save it’s image by racking childish stories of blackmail has been exposed by the reports that they have recommended to centre to launch counter propaganda at national level as a remedy to neutralize the effects of the agitation started by pro-freedom leadership.
National Conference, which actually created the SASB in 2001 and vested powers of a sovereign body to it, now cannot escape blame and fool people by their rhetoric statements. They overtly or covertly are giving support to the land transfer by giving statements only. There can’t be any hope on these so called elected representatives as they are creations and stooges of Delhi and have clear understanding when it comes to ‘national interests’ of India, they on the directions of centre with pre-occupied mindset have made mockery of ‘Institute of Kashmir Studies’ by making it’s studies limited. They are the people who cleverly and steadily eroded special status of Kashmir and sold land to outsiders through land grants bill, in the name of promoting tourism and can went to any extent to please there masters at New Delhi.
Pro-freedom leadership if really wants to save national interest of Kashmir and wants to come together on this issue without any pressure or directions of outside powers is really a welcome and positive step and should be appreciated. The APHC which consists of several parties is by and large not seen as independent as it should be. They should apply their own mind and say their own what they think and feel and assert themselves rather than be apron-strings and receiving directions from others as pointed by a Hindi song:-
“Main karta raha aouroo ki kahe – Meri baat merey mann hi mey rahi”