Sunday, 7 December 2014

Some Issues Of Tourists

Here we face some problems there while visiting Neelum Valley infact many people those visited there last time face some common issues like road and other etc Here are the all problems that cause the visit terrible

1- Neelum Road From Kel to Taobatt is in very bad condition.
2- Mobile Service is nope there, some areas have the facility of SCO but that is aloso max off.
3- Defficiency of Convince
4- Public Transport's bad condition...

These are the some main issue while visiting there but i think that these are nothing...
Perhaps some of readers will re think about there dissiuion but if some1 ask me about my oponion
I must say that I love Neelum Vally more than my self...

Kind Regards,

Ashfaq Sarwar Awan

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