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Read about some interesting wedding proposals.

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Great Proposals

Restaurant Marriage Proposal (with details)

Where do I start? Well, I'll start with the whole dinner plan. Before Dan even got here, probably about 3 weeks or so before he was going to come, I had made an itinerary of everything that we would be doing while he was here. Going out to Livingstone's for dinner was on that list. Everywhere we have been we have tried to have at least one date night where we dress up and go to a nice restaurant.

Well, about 2 weeks before he was going to come he sent me a picture of a ring in an e-mail. This is what he said, "Don't worry, I'm not saying anything by this but just saw this ring come up on yahoo and it made me curious to your style. Do you like this type of ring or what is something that you would look for in a ring? Send examples if you want, or whatever."

I knew that it was going to come up sometime soon, but he told me that we should probably go ring shopping in the states when we are together. So I didn't really think he was going to ask me when he was here… PLUS, it takes such a long time for something to get to Dakar, and he's not exactly the type of person to send something express mail. So I didn't think he was going to buy the one that we both really liked.

Anyway, back to dinner. So when Dan and I were all ready to go to dinner, I ask my dad to get a picture of us. He pulls out his camera and takes a couple of pictures (which I thought was a little weird at first… I had Dan's camera in my hand, I thought he was going to use Dan's), but I brushed it off my shoulder. Then my mom and little sister came out into the living room too, and just were smiling, and staring at me, which now that I think about it made it seem a little weird at the time…

So we left, and got to the restaurant took a seat next to the door (the only other option was by the window at a 4 person table with other people around) I didn't really like it because sometimes they seat people at the same table if it's meant for 4 people.

So we go and sit down and he's sort of jittery. He's like, "I have to go to the bathroom". So he goes to the bathroom and comes back a good 5 min later. We sit down order a bottle of Chardonnay, and he was like, "These are really nice glasses. (Points to the glasses on the table [they are tall wine glasses that say Livingstone's on them) I wonder if the waiter would let us keep them." I was thinking to myself "Oh, my gosh… He's going to do it tonight isn't he?" And so I got myself all worked up, and I was all excited, and then Dan was like, "Well, the reason for that is because our two year anniversary is in May, and since we won't be together for it, this dinner can be our make-shift anniversary dinner." (What a good excuse, let me tell you, Dan is really good at thinking things up off the top of his head!) So I was really excited and had butterflies in my stomach, but then I was let down when he said that…

So the waiter comes over and pours our chardonnay, and we order food. And During the course of the meal we start talking about our past together, and about our future. And all these other things that made the meal really romantic. Then he was like, "Man, I have to go to the bathroom again." And I was like okay… I might have to go a little too, so I got up and went to the bathroom.

(What I didn't know then was that he was trying to get me to go to the bathroom so that he could grab the box with the ring in it out of his jacket pocket to put it in his lap.)

So we get our dessert, and it looks really nice, we have the waiter take a picture. And then we start talking again, he say's something like "I really want to be with you forever, baby" and I was like, "Well, you're just going to have to ask me to know what I think…;)" and he was like, "Soon sweetheart, soon." And then he was like, "but if I ask you, that means I'm going to have to ask your dad for his blessing. Do you know how scary that is?

"That's not scary sweetheart." And I tell him a nice long speech, well what I would say if I was him.

"Yeah, like I'd be able to say all that. Your dad is intimidating. I'll do it over the phone later"

"Well, I was sort of hoping that you had already asked my dad, and you were going to propose to me tonight"

"Baby, now, how would I get a ring so fast? I haven't asked your dad yet, he's going to say no because you haven't finished your degree yet"

(SO, I had gotten my hopes up once again, thinking to myself, "Well maybe, just maybe, he had already asked my dad and will propose to me"… but then I was let down once again)

We finish our dessert, and he asks for another glass of chardonnay (we had already finished our whole bottle). The waiter pours us our wine, and then Dan starts out saying,

"You know sweetheart, I'm really glad I found you. You really are my best friend. You know, I never knew what other people meant when they said that they married their best friend, but now I know because you really are. We are so perfect for each other. You're my soul mate. You are everything that I would want in a wife, a mother (in time), just everything that I need. (He stands up and starts to walk over to me… I was thinking that he had to go to the bathroom again) And because of those reasons, that's why I'm getting down on one knee (he gets down) to ask you to be my wife. I love you Amanda, you mean so much to me, and I want to share my life with you. Will you marry me?"

Of course, I started crying when he was talking about how I was his best friend, so I started crying even more when he got down on one knee, I think I was in shock when he did it because I remember saying "Oh, my gosh", out loud.

I said, "Yes, of course I will. I love you!" and we kiss and hold each other there for like 5 min, crying my eyes out because I was so happy. Then he puts the ring on my finger. And it's so pretty!

- Julie M., Wilton, Iowa

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