Sunday, 8 June 2008

Maqbool Bhat! Icon of Resistance Movement.

My only crime is that I have rebelled against slavery, oppression, poverty, ignorance and exploitation of my people: Father of nation, an eloquent orator, pioneer of armed struggle, adept guerrilla commander, political genius and great son of soil Shaheed Maqbool Bhat, who inspired millions of kashmiris and lit flame and passion for freedom in the hearts and minds of people and gave an undying lesson to his oppressed nation through martyrdom.
Maqbool bhat became victim of parochialism, sadism and apathy, was labelled as Indian and Pakistani agent by the henchmen of different agencies who were suffering from kleptomania, obscurantism and apathetic attitude. But these monopolistic vampires would be feeling poleaxed to see Maqbool bhat becoming heartthrob of oppressed people becoz falsehood by its nature is bound to perish.
Maqbool bhat was a man with mission and vision, who dreamed about independent Kashmir and had to suffer through out his life for espousing this noble cause. But he stood like a rock against injustice and indefatigable against hurricane of suppression and through sheer determination and resilience rose to the iconic stature in the resistance movement.
At this time when dozens of formulas for K.resolution are being floated which neglect the huge sacrifice of people and attoot-ang and shah-rag theory which have already lost sheen, in this context 3rd option of independent Kashmir emerges as ideal solution which Maqbool bhat dreamed of about 4 decades ago. The praise and credence to his views and contributions even by his detractors leads to the triumph of his charisma.
India by hanging one Maqbool bhat has created thousands of Maqbool bhat who are ready to act as creosote against the evil and imperialistic forces. By refusing to return his mortal remains, so as to get burial in his home soil, which is craving to take this proud son in her lap, India has belied it’s claim of being ‘worlds largest democracy’.
whole nation pays tributes to this legendary leader who gived this movement kiss of life and taught us the real meaning of azadi and for which he sacrificed his precious life.